The Last Good Man

by Linda Nagata
ISBN 978-1-937197-23-0

Scarred by war. In pursuit of truth.

Army veteran True Brighton left the service when the development of robotic helicopters made her training as a pilot obsolete. Now she works at Requisite Operations, a private military company established by friend and former Special Ops soldier Lincoln Han. ReqOp has embraced the new technologies. Robotics, big data, and artificial intelligence are all tools used to augment the skills of veteran warfighters-for-hire. But the tragedy of war is still measured in human casualties, and when True makes a chance discovery during a rescue mission, old wounds are ripped open. She’s left questioning what she knows of the past, and resolves to pursue the truth, whatever the cost.

The Last Good Man is a powerful, complex, and very human tale.


“…a thrilling novel that lays bare the imminent future of warfare.” —Publishers Weekly starred review

The Last Good Man is a compelling and subversive novel, told by unique characters, especially True Brighton: sympathetic, prickly, determined, all too human. Linda Nagata has impressive insights into technological advances and their potential effects. Not to mention some very cool invented AI critters…. It was a privilege to read TLGM before its publication.” —Hugo and Nebula award-winner Vonda N. McIntyre, author of Dreamsnake, Starfarers, and The Moon and the Sun

“A new novel by Linda Nagata is always an event. The Last Good Man pulls us into next month’s headlines with a conviction and energy that makes for an extraordinary tale.” —Greg Bear, author of War Dogs and Darwin’s Radio

“…if you want a novel with pulse-pounding action, in which soldiers square off against the futuristic machines — a novel that you wont be able to put down once the action heats up — [The Last Good Man] delivers with the precision and firepower of a tactical missile…not only a cracking good read, it is a novel driving first, and fast, down the road we are seemingly already set upon.” —Paul Weimer, Barnes & Noble SFF blog

“I asked to see an advance copy of The Last Good Man with the caveat that I was very busy and might not get to it. I was just going to glance at the first few pages but looked up to find myself halfway through the book in the wee hours of the morning. Only an early morning appointment kept me from reading on but I finished it the following evening.
“Welcome to the future of war. Soldiers on the ground depend more on their augmented reality visors, net connections, and hosts of robotic allies, than their rifles, but as long as they tread in harm’s way, certain things do not change, including collateral damage, ethical challenges, and the grief of a mother, a warrior herself, when her son dies in action.
“Set where war’s bleeding edge of technology slams into people’s lives, this is a very human story, brilliantly told.” —Steven Gould, author of Jumper

The following text is an excerpt from THE LAST GOOD MAN by Linda Nagata.
Copyright © 2017 by Linda Nagata.


“We told her not to go. It was too dangerous. She told us it would be all right. There would be security.”

The gray-haired gentleman speaks in quiet syllables, each chiseled by the emotions he holds in check as he explains the circumstances that have brought him to Requisite Operations Incorporated, a private military company headquartered in Thurston County, south of Seattle. In a conference room elegantly appointed in dark-brown fabrics and hardwood surfaces, he recounts all that has gone wrong.

“The so-called security was a joke. Only six armed guards, none with adequate training, all murdered in minutes and now she’s their captive. They’ve made her speak their propaganda. They’ve put her under the veil, but it’s her. They don’t reveal her name, but it’s her voice, her eyes on the videos. My daughter, my precious Fatima. My only daughter.”

True Brighton, ReqOps’ forty-nine-year-old Director of Operations, sits at the end of the conference room’s oval table, an observer, positioned on the periphery of this conversation, there to evaluate the suitability of the proposed project and of Mr. Yusri Atwan as a potential client.

She is struck by Yusri’s calm, reserved manner. He is striving mightily to present himself as a rational man, a man Requisite Operations can work with. A determined man who understands the realities of the world. For all that, he cannot hide the fact that he is also a desperate man.

True notes the slight tremor in his hands as he opens a folder he earlier placed on the table. He turns the folder around, slides it across the table’s short axis to Lincoln Han. “This is my daughter,” he says quietly.

Lincoln is the principal owner and Chief Executive Officer of Requisite Operations. He is conducting this interview. He reaches for the folder with his prosthetic left hand, articulated fingers curling as he drags the folder closer. The hand does not try to hide its technological nature. No flesh tones. It’s made instead of a semi-translucent, smoky gray plastic that reveals the embedded electronics as glints and shadows. Soft pads at the fingertips allow him to grip the corner of the folder, lift it. True sees a printed photo inside—a smiling dark-haired young woman. Lincoln studies her image while Yusri continues.

“I’ve been to the State Department,” he says. “I’ve seen my congressional representative, my senator. They all tell me they’re doing what they can, but they’re doing nothing. It’s been four months. I would pay a ransom if I could. If I knew how.”

Lincoln uses his artificial fingers to slide the photograph over to True. He is forty years old. An army veteran, he lost his hand in a helicopter crash that ended his career and nearly took his life. That was five years ago.

True still wonders: If she’d been his pilot that day, would things have been different?

She flew for him for years on clandestine missions, but she was home, working as an army flight instructor, when his helicopter went down. The ensuing fire left his face a scarred, immobile mask, worse on the left side. His nose and his left ear are prosthetics. His left eye is a bionic device that translates gray-scale visual input to his brain, extending his peripheral vision and improving his depth perception. The eye has a black iris darker and larger than his natural eye. The imbalance, combined with his scars, a flattop haircut, and arms sheathed in colorful tattoos, gives him a slightly maniacal aura despite the counterbalance of his casual civilian clothing—a tan ReqOps polo shirt and brown slacks.

Lincoln returns his gaze to Yusri and says in a soft rasp, the result of more scarring in his larynx, “The United States government does not pay ransoms, Mr. Atwan. Ransoms only encourage more kidnappings. As a military contractor licensed to work with the federal government, Requisite Operations is required to abide by that policy. So we cannot help you pay a ransom.”

Yusri’s voice grows plaintive. “She is not political. She only wanted to help people, to do some good in the world.”

“I understand that, sir.”

True confronts the photo of Fatima Atwan. A bright-eyed young woman, the prime years of her life still ahead.

Yusri’s reserve slips. “She doesn’t deserve this!”

True looks up to see tears shining in his eyes.

Yusri Atwan is a Seattle native. He owns a small but prosperous company that manufactures chemical sensors. His daughter, Fatima, is a young medical doctor and an idealist, dedicated to helping those less fortunate than herself. She committed to a year of overseas service with a charitable foundation. And her father is right: She doesn’t deserve what happened to her. But then, most people overrun by the firestorms of chaos and anarchy don’t deserve their fates.

It takes Yusri only seconds to recover his composure, and when he speaks again to Lincoln, it’s in a hard, determined voice. “I’ve talked to people, Mr. Han. They say you, your company, can help when no one else can. I understand it costs money. I can pay. I can get six hundred thousand dollars in cash within two business days. It’s all I have and I know it’s not enough, but she’s with El-Hashem.”

As these words pass his lips, Yusri’s face flushes dark. He looks away; he looks at the wall. True watches him intently, sure that he is contemplating what that fact means for his daughter. Is there anything worse than knowing the brutality your child endures and being helpless to affect it? No, she thinks. There is not. Breathing softly, shallowly, she schools herself to stay focused.

Hussam El-Hashem has styled himself a holy warrior, head of the Al-Furat Coalition, but in truth he is nothing more than a gangster grown wealthy on protection money and kidnapping-and-ransom schemes. There are men like him all over the world, bereft of conscience and willing to commit atrocities in the name of any convenient cause.

There is no shame but only lethal anger in Yusri’s voice when he speaks aloud the blunt truth of his daughter’s plight: “El-Hashem beats her, he rapes her, he calls her his wife.”

The ceiling light sparks in Lincoln’s artificial eye as he leans forward. He knows the sort of information this frustrated father should have access to, because prior to this interview he commissioned a preliminary report on Fatima Atwan. Nothing in that report indicated Hussam regarded her as a wife. “How do you know this, Mr. Atwan?”

Yusri’s gaze settles again on Lincoln’s scarred face. He does not flinch from it. “Another hostage, an Italian. She was ransomed a few days ago. She called me. She begged me to act, to do all that I could.” His passion is easily read in the set of his jaw, in the tension of his brow, but despite it, his voice holds only the slightest tremor as he plays what he must consider to be his strongest card: “The United States government and the Iraqi government together have offered a two-million-dollar bounty for Hussam El-Hashem. I will pay you six hundred thousand dollars now. And when you go to rescue my Fatima, you will also kill El-Hashem and take his head and earn two million dollars more. I am begging you, Mr. Han. I am begging you to do this. For Fatima. For her mother. For me. She is my pride and joy and I am begging you to bring her home.”


True remains in the conference room, contemplating the portrait of Fatima, while Lincoln escorts Yusri across the hall. She listens for the click and soft buzz of the electronic locks on the security door that opens onto the lobby. When the locks buzz a second time, she knows the door has closed again and that Yusri is on the other side.

She stands to her full five-eight height, stretching lean muscles stiff from yesterday’s workout. Despite her age, she maintains an athletic figure—and dresses to emphasize the fact. Being the oldest among a staff of physically fit veterans, she knows it’s not just a matter of maintaining her strength and conditioning, but also of preserving their confidence in her abilities. Today she wears a scoop-necked, cinnamon-brown microfiber T-shirt that shows off the muscle definition in her shoulders, her neck, and her arms, along with form-fitting slacks in a lighter shade.

At the same time, she doesn’t deny her age. She has never bothered with cosmetic surgery, and so far, she is letting her thick hair follow its natural transformation so that its dark brown has become mixed with lines and highlights of silver and gray. She wears her hair confined in a short French braid.

“Hello, Friday,” she says, addressing the house AI. “Let me see Mr. Yusri Atwan.”

A wall monitor at the opposite end of the room wakes up with high-definition video from a lobby security camera. It shows Lincoln, still fit and strong despite his injuries, escorting the taller Yusri past the glass exhibit cases in the lobby. Lincoln is saying, “We’ll be in touch, sir. We’ll let you know our decision.”

Yusri nods. “Whatever you need me to do,” he says, “I will do.”

They shake hands. Then Yusri exits past glass doors, crossing the front terrace with a determined, almost angry gait. But at the parking lot’s edge he hesitates. He looks back, his expression quietly desperate. Weighing the value of returning, of pressing his case? But he goes to his car instead, a sleek silver Lumina Zus. He doesn’t notice the glint of a tiny camera lens, part of a low-profile tracking and surveillance device tucked against the black glass and rubberized lining at the top of the windshield. Prior to his meeting with Lincoln, Yusri agreed to background checks, although ReqOps did not specify the nature of those inquiries.

True looks around as Chris Kobeck, ReqOps’ Director of Military Operations and Training, comes into the conference room. Chris is thirty-nine—ten years younger than True—a former Special Forces operator who served under Lincoln’s command in the clandestine unit known as Rogue Lightning. True’s oldest son was once part of that unit too, eight years ago now.

Chris had been watching the meeting, evaluating the client. As True returns her gaze to the monitor, she asks him, “What’d you think?”

“Good people,” he tells her.

On the other side of the half-full parking lot is a high masonry wall, with three tall maples standing sentinel beyond it. Their leaves, yellowed by autumn, flutter through the air and skitter on a breeze across the concrete as Yusri gets into his car, secures his seat belt, and drives slowly toward the automated security gate.

“Good people, but naïve,” Chris amends as he claims a chair and sits. “I hope there’s something left of her when we pull her out.”

True turns a skeptical gaze on him. Threads of gray are starting to show in his thick black hair, and still, his fine-featured Caucasian face relies on heavy eyebrows and a neat goatee to bring it some maturity. “When we pull her out?” she asks.

“Give it up, True. I know you can’t wait to do this, and Lincoln’s not going to be able to say no.”

She gives him a dark look. Never mind that he’s right. “It has to pencil out,” she insists, sitting down again. “It’ll cost at least ten K, probably more, just to determine if an action is possible.”

“Pittance,” he scoffs. “Lincoln won’t blink at that.”

This draws a smile from her—and reluctant agreement. “Not in these circumstances, anyway.”

Mostly, Lincoln is a hard-headed businessman. He founded Requisite Operations on the back of a $500,000 VA loan, and only four years later the company is valued at twenty-five million dollars. But despite his pragmatism, Lincoln possesses a penchant for dangerous idealism. It’s a trait she admires. It keeps her job interesting.

She hears the electronic locks on the security door cycle, feels the slight change of pressure as it opens—and resists a rush of anticipation.

“Get ready for it,” Chris says with an expectant smile.

Lincoln appears at the door. “I like it,” he announces immediately in his growling voice. “I want to look further into it, confirm the situation, the current circumstances.”

True assumes the role of devil’s advocate: “The State Department might already be planning something. I’ll check into that. We need to know we’ve got an open field before we commit too many resources.”

“Do it,” Lincoln agrees, returning to the seat he inhabited before. “But while we’re waiting for confirmation, we move ahead with our investigation.” He looks from Chris to True. “If it comes to it, are you both willing?”

Chris speaks first. “If the setup looks right.”


“Yes,” she says without hesitation. “It would be a privilege to bring down Hussam El-Hashem.”

“Good.” Lincoln rests his elbows on the table. He weaves his fingers together, articulated machine digits and jointed flesh. “This is how we’re going to handle it. We’ll do an initial assessment on our own dime. No fee to Atwan. If the mission looks like a go, we bill him two hundred thousand. That way he’s got skin in the game and doesn’t feel like a charity case.”

“You’re okay with just two hundred?” Chris asks. “If we don’t get Hussam—”

“Fuck Hussam. If we get him, we get a two-million-dollar bonus. Yay, hooray. But we’re after Fatima Atwan. She is our mission goal. The way I see it? We make a hell of a profit from the business of war. We can afford to do the occasional pro bono. So get started on the intel. I want a go/no-go within three days.”

Light and Shadow: Eight Short Stories

by Linda Nagata
$3.99 (Short Story Collection) 
ISBN 978-1-937197-21-6

A collection of eight stories by Linda Nagata. Visit high-tech future battlefields, surreal other worlds, an orbital habitat, and a distant moon. Embrace action, and harrowing adventure. Half of these stories have appeared in various best-of-the-year anthologies, and each is introduced with brief notes from the author.

Story list:
Through Your Eyes (Asimov’s 2013)
Halfway Home (Nightmare Magazine 2013)
Codename: Delphi (Lightspeed Magazine 2014)
Attitude (Reach For Infinity 2014)
A Moment Before It Struck (Lightspeed Magazine 2012)
Light and Shadow (War Stories 2014)
Nightside On Callisto (Lightspeed Magazine 2012)
The Way Home (Operation Arcana 2015)

The Nanotech Succession Omnibus Edition

The Nanotech Succession Omnibus Edition by Linda Nagata

by Linda Nagata
$16.00 (Omnibus) ISBN 978-1-937197-06-3

The Nanotech Succession is a collection of four stand-alone novels exploring the rise of nanotechnology and the strange and fascinating future that follows—beginning tomorrow and reaching far into time.

The following titles are included in the omnibus edition. Click the links to learn more about each book or to read a sample chapter.

The Bohr Makerwinner of the 1996 Locus Award for Best First Novel
Deception Well

Please note: this edition DOES NOT include Bruce Jensen’s original cover art, which is found only on the individual novels.

Purchase The Nanotech Succession Omnibus Edition

“Linda Nagata presents a unique world-view. Every one of her books that I have read has been alien and disturbing. I love and identify with the characters, but the situations they inhabit stretch the mind. This is as true of Linda Nagata’s fantasy as her science fiction. Her work is really, really different. And that’s a good thing.” —from long-time reader Larry Clough
Click to read a sample


by Linda Nagata
$4.99 (Novel) ISBN 978-0-9831100-8-8

[A] kick ass big idea, hard SF novel…Yes, I’m raving. But I seriously love this book. Tobias Buckell

A quest, a puzzle, and multiple lives:

On an artificial world with a forgotten past, floods of “silver” rise in the night like fog, rewriting the landscape and consuming those caught in its cold mists. Seventeen-year-old Jubilee knows that no one ever returns from the silver–but then a forbidding stranger appears, asking after her beloved brother, lost long ago to a silver flood. Could he still be alive? And why does the silver rise ever higher, threatening to drown the world? Jubilee pursues the truth on a quest to unlock the memory of a past reaching back farther than she ever imagined.

“The feel of visionary fantasy mixes with hard SF in this powerful novel of a young woman’s quest for a missing brother in a far future world beset by out-of-control technology.” –Locus Magazine

…Nagata’s book conjures up a richly realized world in which a truly eerie landscape serves as the vibrant background of a tale of self-discovery and courage in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds.” –Sally Estes, Booklist

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The Dread Hammer

The Dread Hammer by Linda Nagata

Stories of the Puzzle Lands – Book 1
by Linda Nagata
$3.99 (Novel) ISBN 978-1-937197-08-7

A tale of love, war, murder, marriage, and fate.

He lurks beside the forest road, a charming, well-armed young murderer, not altogether human. She draws near, a contrary shepherdess fleeing an unwanted marriage. When he overhears her prayer for help, whispered to the Dread Hammer, he decides to grant it — and love takes him by surprise. But love soon proves a greater challenge than murder.

An enthralling, dark tale of love, war, murder, marriage, and fate, by the award-winning author of The Bohr Maker and Goddesses & Other Stories.

“It is the amount of heart this book has that really sells it for me. It is a book that falls into the gritty fantasy label for sure, but with a certain amount of sweetness.”Fantasy Review Barn

“Richly developed characters drive the action of the novel and lend it the feel of an epic fantasy without the page count. The book’s hero, Smoke, is an almost mythic figure: complex, powerful, and conflicted. Smoke’s relationships are filled with turmoil, passion, and deeply human moments. Smoke’s vulnerability serves as an excellent contrast to his power.” –Jared Nelson

“Known previously for her excellent Science Fiction novels, Linda Nagata surprised me [with a] great fantasy story…Lots of action and humor.” –JHG Hendriks

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Hepen The Watcher

Hepen The Watcher by Linda Nagata

Stories of the Puzzle Lands – Book 2
by Linda Nagata
$3.99 (Novel) ISBN 978-1-937197-09-4

A tale of exile, rebellion, fidelity, and fire.

The demon Dismay’s murderous nature earns him the ire of his beloved wife, who sends him away in a fit of temper. In his exile he ventures south into the land of Lutawa, drawn there by the prayers of abused and desperate women who beg him to grant them vengeance against the men who cruelly rule their lives — and Dismay is pleased to do it.

Still, murder is hard and dirty work.

When an avid desire for a bath brings him to a fine Lutawan estate, he meets two beautiful young women. Ui and Eleanor are well-acquainted with the whispered tales of the demon Dismay, who slays men but never women, and they’re delighted to entertain their fearsome guest, but they warn him to beware.

Lutawa is ruled by an immortal king, who punishes treason with the terrible weapon of infernal fire. Believing this king to be the same cruel deity known in the north as Hepen the Watcher, Dismay resolves to kill him—and accidentally draws Ui and Eleanor into his schemes.

Those who help Dismay risk a fiery death, those who hinder him risk the demon’s bloody retribution, while Dismay, still yearning for his wife’s forgiveness, discovers that love can be as hazardous as the wrath of Hepen the Watcher.

“…a kick-ass book.” —Jennifer Stevenson, author of Fools Paradise and A Taste of You

“Hepen the Watcher is classic fantasy adventure — with a voice all its own. Page-turning satisfaction.” —Laura Anne Gilman, author of the Nebula-nominated Vineart War trilogy

Also see: The Dread Hammer — Stories of the Puzzle Lands – Book 1

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The Wild

by Linda Nagata
$5.99 (Novel) ISBN 978-1-937197-16-2

An origin myth and a tale of high fantasy.

Generations past, the people lived in an Edenic land, but disaster forced them to seek a new home on a wild continent that never before knew a human presence. The Wild is inhabited by spirits of wind, stream, forest, and mist, but these beings care nothing for the people, and some are cruel and hostile. The most powerful of these is Siddel, a spirit of storm and thunder who committed an abomination when he created the arowl — mad, ravening beasts endowed with an unquenchable hunger that drives them to hunt the people. Bennek is a young warrior who leaves behind the relative safety of the Protected Lands to venture north with his brother and his cousin, on a quest to find an ancestral spirit that most people believe departed the world long ago. As Bennek and his kin make their way north, other forces are stirring. The fate of both the people, and the Wild itself, may soon be decided.

Download a 25-chapter extended sample: EPUB or MOBI


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Tech-Heaven by Linda Nagata

A Prequel to the Nanotech Succession
by Linda Nagata
$4.99 (Novel) ISBN 978-0-9831100-0-2

For Katie Kishida, the nanotechnology revolution begins with an act of love.

Katie is a young mother with a successful career and a loving marriage, when her perfect life is shattered by the sudden death of her husband, Tom. Putting her faith in a science that hasn’t been invented yet, Katie has Tom’s body placed in cryonic suspension—frozen in liquid nitrogen against a time when advances in nanotechnology might heal his injuries and restore his life. Katie never suspects the consequences that will follow. Tom’s death and his costly entombment spark immediate political controversy. It’s a debate that only grows more passionate as the years pass. Katie’s life is taken over by the need to defend her husband’s future and to shepherd into existence the controversial technologies that might let him live again . . . even as she’s haunted by the question: Does Tom really want to come back?

Tech-Heaven is a compelling story of devotion and unyielding determination set amid the tumultuous politics of our time, in a world that is teetering on the cusp of a technological revolution like no other in history.

“…Nagata’s theme is both ambitious and important: the attempted political regulation of new technologies, especially as they relate to human rights…” –Gary K Wolfe, Locus

“…The elements which make Linda Nagata a master of her art are not simply the depth of her understanding in nano and cryotech, but the depth of the plot and her three-dimensional characters…” –Rob Sullivan

“…an excellent portrayal of how nanotechnology may one day penetrate human society…” –Tom Easton, Analog

Get all four Nanotech Succession novels in one with The Nanotech Succession Omnibus Edition

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The Bohr Maker

The Bohr Maker by Linda Nagata

Book 1 of the Nanotech Succession
by Linda Nagata
$4.99 (Novel) ISBN 978-0-9831100-1-9

An award-winning novel of nanotechnology, adventure, and high-tech revolution.

Nanotechnology saturates the world. It makes possible glittering orbital cities. But strict laws regulate its use, and death follows for those caught in violation. The threat of death means little though, to a man already condemned to die. Nikko–post human, genetically engineered to survive in space, and desperate to escape his fate–steals a forbidden nanomachine. But the theft goes awry and the nanomachine escapes into the wild–igniting a desperate race to contain it before the definition of “human” changes for all time.

A brilliantly original, fast-paced biotech thriller, The Bohr Maker won the Locus Award for Best First Novel.

“…excellent….bursting with ideas and adventure…” –Fred Cleaver, Denver Post

“…phenomenal….This one is a winner–grab it when you see it…” –Tom Easton, Analog

Get all four Nanotech Succession novels in one with The Nanotech Succession Omnibus Edition

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Deception Well

Deception Well by Linda Nagata

Book 2 of the Nanotech Succession
by Linda Nagata
$4.99 (Novel) ISBN 978-0-9831100-2-6

In a war of belief, faith is a virus, and it’s spreading fast.

Remnants of an alien nanotechnology infest the surface of the planet, Deception Well, giving rise to deadly plagues that make the Well uninhabitable—or so most believe. Jupiter Apolinario saw it differently. He believed the planet was host to an ancient, alien mechanism of transformation meant to embrace all life forms in an ecstatic communion. Jupiter disappeared on the planet along with a handful of followers, though whether they were taken by death or transcendence, no one could say.

Ten years later, Jupiter’s son, Lot, stands at the center of conflict. Like his father, Lot has a seductive presence, and a charismatic nature that seems more-than-human. People are helplessly drawn to him. Their faith in him is strong and their numbers are growing, but Lot is beset with doubts about his father’s teachings. So he sets out to learn the truth about Jupiter, about his own powerful calling as a prophet, and about the real nature of Deception Well, where a razor-thin line divides bliss from damnation.

“…By the time the last piece is in place, other readers may feel, as I did, that this story of love coerced, lost and (possibly) redeemed could not be told to greater effect with any other method.” –Gerald Jonas, New York Times Book Review

“…This payoff puts Deception Well firmly in the company of Stapledon, Benford, Bear, McAuley, and Niven…” –Russell Letson, Locus Magazine

“…a complex yet fast-paced story set in a high-tech future filled with autonomous nanomachines, inscrutable alien intelligences, and of course, duplicitous humans. Watching how all the elements fit together is half the fun.” –The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction

Get all four Nanotech Succession novels in one with The Nanotech Succession Omnibus Edition

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Vast by Linda Nagata

Book 3 of The Nanotech Succession
by Linda Nagata
$4.99 (Novel) ISBN 978-0-9831100-3-3

In pursuit of vengeance across time and space…

Aboard Null Boundary, a giant starship thousands of years old, four survivors of an ancient alien war are making a desperate journey: Lot, son of a fiery prophet and carrier of an insidious virus that spreads a cult-like religious mania among those it infects; Urban, Lot’s boyhood friend from the city of Silk, and a man in search of challenge and adventure; Clemantine, cast adrift when her world was destroyed and yearning for revenge; and Nikko, sometimes a living man, but always, the ship’s disembodied mind.

They are bound into unknown territory. Ahead of them loom vast, lightless clouds of dust and gas where stars are born, and where the alien Chenzeme are believed to live. The Chenzeme are an enigmatic race, whose automated warships have ravaged the living worlds of the galaxy’s Orion arm for millions of years… but why? Null Boundary’s crew is driven to find out — though in their quest to discover the source of the Chenzeme, they must also explore the terrible truth of their own past, the meaning of revenge, and the price each one of them is willing to pay for survival.

“VAST lives up to its name–big, important, yet written to a human scale so the perspectives of science emerge all the more strongly. Among hard sf writers, Linda Nagata is a pearl, able to render her complex landscapes in moving, quick-paced stories that linger in the mind.” –Gregory Benford

“…one of the most enjoyable SF books I’ve read in the last 12 years…I can safely say that it is one of the very novels that has literally haunted my dreams, in that the book exerted such a powerful hold on my waking imagination that come nighttime I found my sleeping brain racing ahead with the story. It’s awesome!” –Alastair Reynolds

“…Nagata’s vision broadens our sense of who we are and what we might one day become as few others have done before her. Recommended.” –Tom Easton, Analog

“VAST blends solid reasoning, lyrical prose, and an almost mythic suite of characters to form one of the most satisfying sf novels of the decade.” –Wil McCarthy

Get all four Nanotech Succession novels in one with The Nanotech Succession Omnibus Edition

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Limit of Vision

by Linda Nagata
$4.99 (Novel) ISBN 978-0-9831100-6-4

Survive long enough, and strangeness becomes cliché.

Virgil Copeland, Randall Panwar, and Gabrielle Villanti are all brilliant young biotechnologists, working together on an artificial life-form affectionately known as “LOVs,” an acronym for Limit Of Vision, because in size LOVs are just at the boundary of what the human eye can easily see. LOVs contain bioengineered human neurons. They enhance brain function when implanted in test animals. Experimentation on humans is, of course, highly illegal.

But it’s the nature of brilliant and ambitious young minds to ignore the rules. Believing the LOVs to be perfectly safe, Virgil, Panwar, and Gabrielle experiment on themselves, using implanted LOVs to enhance their own cognitive abilities.

But there is a limit of vision, too, when we try to foresee the consequences of technology—especially of a living, thinking technology that can evolve into new forms in a matter of hours.

When the experiment goes terribly wrong, the consequences are bizarre and unforeseeable. Virgil finds himself on the run, riding the whirlwind of a runaway biotechnology that could lead to the next phase of human evolution.

“[A] compelling biotech thriller. Nagata…enlivens this extended chase through the steamy murk of Mekong swamps and the monsoons of the southeast Pacific with fascinating biotech hardware and gadgetry as well as clever extrapolations into nanotech potential…an idea-provoking narrative that is genuinely innovative in conception.” –Publishers Weekly

“The death of a young researcher exposes a conspiracy involving an illegal experimentation in sentient nanotech lifeforms, forcing co-conspirator Virgil Copeland to flee for his life…Nagata (Vast) blends hard science with cutting-edge technology in a fast-paced technothriller that is recommended for most sf collections. Copyright 2001 Reed Business Information, Inc.” –Library Journal

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Goddesses & Other Stories

Goddesses & Other Stories by Linda Nagata

by Linda Nagata
$4.99 (Short Story Collection) 
ISBN 978-1-937197-05-6

Ten science fiction stories including the Nebula Award winning novella “Goddesses.” This collection brings together for the first time Nagata’s short fiction, originally published in Analog Science Fiction & Fact, The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, More Amazing Stories, and

Story list:
Spectral Expectations (Analog 1987)
Career Decision (Analog 1988)
In the Tide (Analog 1989)
Small Victories (Analog 1993)
Liberator (The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction 1993)
Old Mother (The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction 1995)
The Bird Catcher’s Children (The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction 1997)

Hooks, Nets, and Time (The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction 1997)
The Flood (More Amazing Stories 1998)
Goddesses ( 2000)

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Skye Object 3270a

Skye Object 3270a by Linda Nagata

by Linda Nagata
$3.99 (Novel) ISBN 978-0-9831100-4-0

High-tech, far-future, science fiction adventure for advanced middle grade and YA readers.

Skye was found as an infant, adrift in a lifepod in an isolated star system. Now she’s a bold teen who wants to know where she came from. Helping in her search for answers are best friend Zia, handsome young astronomer Devi, and the courageous Buyu Mkolu. Their adventure will take them from their high-tech home to an alien wilderness and then up, to the dangerously fascinating zone of high orbit.

“I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It combined the best of both science fiction and young adult: likeable teenage characters struggling to find their place in a high-tech alien world.” –Joe Vasicek, One Thousand and One Parsecs

“In short, Nagata, I think, has a good chance with this work to accomplish her goal of infecting the next generation with the meme of science fiction, the love of plausible speculation and the wonder of science. And adults like me will be happy to follow along.” –Randy Stafford

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